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About 22 Pilates

My Story

Hi! My name is Sophie and I am a Pilates instructor in Curaçao since 2018. Before I moved to Curaçao in 2015, I followed Pilates classes in the Netherlands for years. On average I jumped on my bike to go to the gym 3 times a week. I loved it! I soon noticed that Pilates made me stronger in my whole body. Heavier items were easier to lift and I could see the toning in my body (hello shoulders!).

Once in Curaçao I went looking for a Pilates class in which my vision for a good session was expressed. Following a Pilates class is not the same with every instructor. Everyone has their own teaching style and it is just what suits you!

The way I would like to teach myself was not reflected in the classes I followed. I then decided to get my Pilates Instructor Level 1 certificate and create the Pilates classes that I needed so much.

My mission

In my lessons I try to create a good balance between being active with your body and consciously using your muscles. Everything is done at your own pace and nothing is rushed. This is fundamental to Pilates; everything in control, so that we target the deeper muscles for a strong body.

My vision for each class stems from classic Pilates, where the mat and your own body weight are central. Exercises against gravity, in control, develop muscle strength, promote mobility and thus build a lean body.

But this does not mean that props are excluded! Pilates goes further than just the 50 exercises that were initially designed. Using props takes on the challenge!



Do I need to bring my own mat?

If you have your own mat and you prefer to take it with you, you sure can! However, if you do not own a mat (yet), you can lend one in the studio.

I have back issues, is it OK to join?

YES! Even with back issues, you can join classes. As a matter of fact, Pilates can help you reduce your back pain! Throughout the session you will be given modifications when excercises might be too heavy for your back.

How many times per week should I do Pilates?

This is a trick question, because obviously I would say as much as you can! It is depending on what you want to achieve, but normally I would say 2 to 3 times a week would be sufficient to get and maintain a strong and toned body.

Can I lose weight only doing Pilates?

Pilates can help you lose weight in combination with a diet. Pilates exercises require a lot of concentration and focus on your body so that you can feel small changes. By strengthening your muscles, your body becomes tighter and your posture improves, giving you a slimmer appearance.

I'm pregnant, can I join group classes?

Yes, you sure can! Up until 15 weeks it is save to join the regular classes, but some modifications might be in place. After 15 weeks it is recommended to find a workout that is more suitable for pregnant women.

What is the benefit of Pilates if I do other sports/workouts?

While Pilates is already a workout on its own, it is perfect to combine it with other sports, especially those sports where muscles often get too tight. Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body and is ideal to rebalance the body, gain more power and prevent injuries.